Over the Door Mirrors to Match Your Design Style and Personality – FeaturesFAQ’S & the Artist

hanging door mirror with metal silver brushed frame and red flowers

$575 Buy NowMore Info…

  • Artisan made in the U.S. – the best quality & most unique in the marketplace! You choose the flower colors.
  • Metal hand brushed silver frame measures 70″ x 24″ – Hangs easily & it’s adjustable.
  • Hand cut and painted sculptural metal flowers adorn the top – it’s beautiful and one of a kind!
full length door mirror with silver frame and red background

$375 Buy NowMore Info…

  • All Door Mirrors SHIP FREE in the U.S. (lower 48 states)
  • Silver hand brushed metal frame with beveled mirror – 70″ x 24″
  • You can’t buy better Quality!
beveled over the door mirror hanging on white door

$225 Buy NowMore Info…

  • 100% Satisfaction – Easy Returns – 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!
  • Elegant Beveled Door Mirror – 16″ x 60″
  • Quality!  Hand welded aluminum back frame keeps mirror rigid – Not another cheap big box store mirror.
  • Adjustable hanging system is very easy.



Over the Door Mirror - Highlights & Features

  •  Each of the 3 mirror styles comes in the specified dimensions but you can have custom sizes made if need be – just Contact Us.
  • There is an adjustable door hanging system to move the mirror up or down with ease – most door mirrors on the market only hang in one position.
  • The door hanger itself (the part that slides over the top of the door) comes in 2 sizes to fit both the 1-3/8″ and the 1-3/4″ standard door (these are the most common widths in the U.S.) – custom sizes can be made if need be.
  • Made of brushed aluminum and clear coated so moisture is not an issue.
  • Very lightweight – hanging is a breeze.
  • Does not bang around when door is opened and closed – read FAQ’s
  • Hand made in the U.S. – there are no unknown chemicals or labor practices – only an artist practicing his craft and supporting a local economy.

Your Questions Answered - Shipping, Returns, Warranties, Sizing, etc..

Shipping and Delivery of Your New Full Length Door Mirror

  • What are the shipping Costs?

    Shipping is absolutely FREE in the lower 48 states in the U.S. – If you live outside of this area or in another country, just CONTACT ME and I’ll quote you shipping charges.

  • How long does it take to receive my new door mirror?

    With standard orders off of the website, your mirror will be hand made, crated and shipped within 7 business days. If you need it quicker for some reason, let me know and we’ll make special arrangements (an additional fee may apply for rush orders).

  • How are our full length door mirrors packaged so they arrive safely?

    We build a wood shipping crate for all of our door mirrors which means it’s very rare for them to be damaged during the long process from our workshop to you. They are shipped via Fedex Ground. Unpacking your new mirror will require a screwdriver / screwgun to remove the top.

  • Unpacking your new hanging door mirror safely and easily - the specifics.

    Unpacking your Door Mirror – THE SPECIFICS: Each hand made wood crate is very durable and resilient to abuse. To get your new door mirror out and into your house, you’ll need to take the top off of the crate with a screw gun (or you can do it by hand with a screw driver but it’s going to be a workout). You’ll take the top off – that’s the side with the shipping label attached to it. Once you remove the screws, the top just lifts off – it’s very easy. You’ll remove the padding that we installed for shipping and lift the mirror out carefully – that’s it. Hang it and use it:)

Why Should You Order One of My Over the Door Mirrors?

  • The Answer is Simple...

    For starters, each is an original piece of art. Each is made one at a time by the Artist Tim Herbst in his workshop – there is no mass production.

    They are made right here in the U.S. in Denver, CO & Indianapolis, IN.

Custom Colors and Sizing Issues

What is the Return Policy and Guarantee?

  • Your Satisfaction is ALWAYS Guaranteed - read the details ...

    Each one of my over the door mirrors is guaranteed to satisfy. I do not want anyone to be dis-satisfied with any of my pieces period. If you have any issue whatsoever, please return your mirror within 30 days in its original condition and packaging – I will be happy to issue a full refund, no questions asked – this happens so rarely – I can almost guarantee you’re going to love your new door mirror

Hanging, Adjusting, and Cleaning Your New Mirror

  • Can the mirror mount to either side of the door?

    Yes, you can mount the mirror hanger itself to either side of the door so it’s very versatile.

  • How is the mirror adjusted on the door?

    My door mirrors have two adjustment points – each uses an Allen Wrench that is supplied with the mirror (I tape it to the back so you can’t lose it). You literally move the slide rod up or down to adjust for your door height as well as your own height.

  • Can my new door mirror handle moisture? Can it be hung in a bathroom?

    Again, the answer is YES! Bathroom condensation / moisture is not a problem at all – each is made of 100% aluminum and has multiple clear coats applied for protection.

  • How heavy is the mirror and is it easy to hang?

    My hanging door mirrors are made of aluminum so they’re very light – usually about 20 pounds. They mount very easily to the top of the door. You literally slide the support over the door top and attach the mirror to the slide rod (it holds the mirror and is where you adjust the mirror height). It’s a cake walk so don’t worry:)

  • How do I clean my new hanging door mirror?

    It’s very easy. Use a feather duster for everyday dust issues. You can also use a soft cloth with warm water for any spots on the metal. The mirror / glass is cleaned with normal glass cleaner or warm water as well.

  • Will the mirror bang around when the door is opened and closed like many of the other ones on the market?

    Nope. I will provide rubber bumpers for the back to keep the mirror from making a loud noise if it happens to move a bit on the door with opening and closing. In addition, I’ll give you a couple pieces of velcro adhesive that fits in the back corners of the mirror – this keeps the mirror tight to the door and prevents any movement even with hard “opens and closes” of the door.

    The easiest way to secure your hanging door mirror is simple – use some double sided tape or velcro. You will put 2 pieces on the bottom corners of the door mirror and then secure it to the door (make sure it’s level if you’re using permanent double sided tape – you can adjust it if velcro is used). Remember that these are very sticky and may take the paint / finish off the door when you decide to move the mirror to another location.

  • Will the door thickness be an issue when hanging my new over the door mirror?

    This issue can be a bit tricky when you buy an over the door mirror from a big box store because they generally only fit one type and thickness of door. A normal door is 1-3/8″ or 1-3/4″ – I ship my mirrors with both sizes of adjustable hangers so that it will fit whatever you’ve got. If your door is an odd thickness, just let me know and I’ll make a custom size to fit your needs.

  • How to measure for a Custom door hanger assembly (it's rare but there are exceptions)?

    Take a tape measure or ruler and measure the thickness of the door to the nearest 1/8th of an inch – this will be the size of the actual door hanger assembly itself. If you come up with something other than 1-3/8″ or 1-3/4″ then we’ll make a custom door hanger for you.

  • What are standard door widths? Will your mirror fit?

    Interior doors range in width from 24″-32″ in even number increments, older homes often have custom widths falling between these numbers. Of these sizes 30″ is the most common in America. My standard door mirror is 24″ in width which will fit perfectly on a 30″ door.

    If you have a door that is an odd size, let me know and I’ll make a custom size for you. Just use the Contact Form to give me your door dimensions and I’ll give you a quote.


We ordered a mirror for my daughter's room - flowers of course.  It showed up on time and was packed immaculately in wood - it's obvious you care about your products.  Thanks so much - she LOVES it!! – Trudy Q. - Salem, OR

Online shopping for something unique was difficult. My wife and I have a contemporary bathroom with limited space. It was nice to find something of quality that has been made with care. The shipping container was amazing and extremely sturdy. Thanks for taking the time to make a great door mirror for us. –Kathy & Mark - Fort Collins, CO

If you want the most creative over the door mirror on the market, order one of Tim's hand made mirrors. The quality is unmatched and our purple metal flowers light up the bedroom. We show all our guests the new mirror - they haven't stopped commenting about how they love it. In fact, we have a family member who has already ordered one as well. Keep up the good work.–Trent & Cole P. - Madison, WI

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